Who We Are

While putting together the information for this part of the website, we were meant to walk to El Castillo, Harlan’s restaurant down the road on the corner, to write about who we are and why we are doing this. Apparently writing is much easier without the distractions of a brewery hanging overhead. However, on our way out the door, one of the local Howler monkeys somehow learned to open the rooftop windows. We couldn’t leave the brewery with a rogue monkey inside, so the following 30 minutes was spent turning in circles attempting to figure out what to do. After swinging by the lift cable, jumping through the rafters, and scaling the glycol lines we finally were able to show him the door. Seriously, there’s a video.

With that in mind, I suppose it could be said that we like to do things our own way. We like to drink good beer. We make beer because beer is good, and we believe good beer is better. With all the things one could say about Costa Rica we felt it necessary to add great local brews to the experience. With an eye towards quality ingredients and a carefully controlled process, we find inspiration in the character of the tropical fruits found nearby and the flavors that make this area so special. Cerveceria Independiente is the first brewery of it’s kind in the seaside town of Potrero.

There are a thousand things we could say about ourselves, but coming to find out in person is probably best. Stop in for a pint, or to sample them all, and we’ll tell you about driving our equipment down from the USA. Or about the Howlers.

TJ & Cathy