American IPA

55 IBU    |    7.5% ABV

Costa Rica may be thousands of miles from the USA, but the classic west coast IPA flavor works just as well here on the beach. As the ultra-high IBU craze began to be replaced by more mouth friendly late boil hop additions, we grew more fond of the IPA style. For ours we use 6 different new world hops to give a citrus and floral character to an otherwise smooth drinking beer. 

Some Other Beers

Chocolate Stout

5 IBU    |    8.0% ABV

Milk Chocolate and Beer - we cannot find a valid enough reason to not combine them. We use single estate chocolate nibs provided by local chocolatier Maleku to give this brew a nice tropical cocao flavor. Dark, malty, and full flavored, it’s our opinion this beer provides even more evidence that beer and chocolate go great together.