Sandia Wheat

10 IBU    |    6.0% ABV

At Cerveceria Independiente we enjoy beer. We enjoy all styles and believe there is a beer for any occasion. Sometimes a dark and heavy beer is perfect for the moment, other times a big hoppy beer is just right. For this beer, we wanted to make something that is easy to drink on the hottest days in Guanacaste. Inspired by the roadside stands we see stacked high with round basketball shaped melons, we wanted to capture the satisfaction of a cold chunk of watermelon straight from the cooler while enjoying a Sunday afternoon at Playa Conchal. 

Some Other Beers

American IPA

55 IBU    |    7.5% ABV

Costa Rica may be thousands of miles from the USA, but the classic west coast IPA flavor works just as well here on the beach. As the ultra-high IBU craze began to be replaced by more mouth friendly late boil hop additions, we grew more fond of the IPA style. For ours we use 6 different new world hops to give a citrus and floral character to an otherwise smooth drinking beer.